4 626km in 7 days

Hello All

I just did the trip from Hamilton, Victoria to Ayers Rock and back in a week. So much fun!

I removed the back seats and had enough room for all my camping gear. 

The trip went well with a couple of close calls due to animals and people who drive like......

In my experience, cars normally show you their weak spots on these long drives. With the Pajero IO I had two of these.


After market front bumper

Hi All,

          New to this site, nice to see a site for the smaller pinin, as its called over here. Does anyone know if there is a dealer that sells after market ARB style bumpers for the front end as i damaged my bumper while out on a 2 day trip. I might as well upgrade now if i can. Cheers for the help oh and they must deliver abroad as i'm a brit in Bulgaria.


Cheers All.


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