4g93 engine parts

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I have a 4g93 sohc 16v engine that I am going to freshen up. Are the parts like pistons rings, valves, top gaskets the same as the 4g93 lancer engine? Some people say yes and some say no. Please help as I want to do this asap

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here you can find the right

here you can find the right part name : http://japancars.ru/index.php?route=catalog/mitsubishi&grp_id=13&vin=jmp0nh66wyx001297   

Just change the VIN to Yours - i haveno idea how many parts we have same as the lancer. 

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engine rebuilt

Not 100% sure but I don't think that buying bearing in advance is a good thing to do as they are different sizes, even on the same engine, lancer or io. It maybe better to dismantle then get what you need. 

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