4g93 throttle body issues

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I own a io mpi 4g93 which I have owned for almost 8 years and gone tru a lot with this vehicle but the latest of them has been that ever so often misfire and code 44 (1&4) cylinder misfire followed by 2000 rpm upon startup also I couldn't accelerate above 40 mph without giving that code and going into to limp mode. I read forums from other vehicles and in here as we'll trying to troubleshoot. Changed coil packs fuel filter tps went bad so changed that and iac also as it hard started too cleaned out egr cleaned coolant temp sensor and fan switch as we'll and was about to change fuel pump as well. 2 months plus and no luck I read I laugh I thought about trading in or selling etc while troubleshooting daily until today I thought of what I could have done to cause this ish. But anyways I cleaned my throttle body with carb cleaner by taking off the intake and opening the butterfly by hand and using the carb cleaner to and it drove fine for a few weeks with higher idle and then my tps went and engine light came on and then limp mode followed slightly after and here I am so what I came across as a solution for those with manual 4g93 and those symptoms is to pull up handbrake with vehicle on and pop into driving so it pulls under load and forces the ecu to relearn the idle after u replaced the tps and leep doing this and high idle and limp mode will be gone and there is this other method called capacitive discharge where u disconnect both terminals and touch them together for a few seconds and this should erase all learned driving parameters to factory


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