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Hi Forum,

Just thought I'd share with you some pics from woodford on the weekend. Here in Brisbane we are lucky to have a few younger fella's with their heads screwed on enough to orginise and co-ordinate a Brisbane P Plater run (Open liscences were welcome as well) With basically a full day of 4wdring at Woodford powerlines/Mt Mee tracks followed by BBQ fund raiser to charity and small giveaway of 4wd parts..

anyway took the Pajero and Oh boy did she perform.... Some of the hills the lifted patrols and cruisers were getting stuck on became real good to watch when crowds of 40+ people were gathering around waiting for you to fail miserbly where others have and then have their minds blown as the Paj comes out fine!! Was not bogged all day!  A lot of the tracks really proved that it's more the drivers skill that limits the capability rather than just the 4wd itself. 








There will be a video up within the next week of one very muddy patch a lot of people got stuck in.. When it's uploaded I will put it up here to show how she outperformed the expectation of the audience


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2002 5dr Pajero IO QA 2.0L Auto - Lifted, Locked!! 1.925 Low Range - Muddies (205/80/16) - Redback Extractors to 200cell cat to dump at diff Exhaust 


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