Brisbane io meetup - December 2012

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Given there are near on 8 of us in or near Brisbane, how about a meetup and day trip during the December break?

Ktm? Worldomin8? Simmo?
thinking of a beach drive, or a forest explore or something completely different.


I'm keen for something family friendly



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Sounds great! A nice easy drive could be duck creek road out near Kerry. Nice 2hr easy acsent, to the top of O'Reillys. Stop for Lunch? Otherwise I'm keen for a day trip out to Bribie, I've never been out that way with the paj myself. It would be great for a swim and would make for a nice day out. Otherwise some 4wd tracks nearby would be great...

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Yes keen!! Bribie island is

Yes keen!! Bribie island is good as suggestd ^ the inland track and back onto the beach BUT the permits are pretty expensive? I think last time checked $50 for a wekeend or $126 for a yearly pass!! But also happy to go forestry track :)

Any weekends from here on out sound good! 




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Great, but...

I would loved to join in and meet you all, but since I don't have a working 4wd yet I cannot commit.

Since I am on the Sunshine Coast it's all nice and close.




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