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Hi everyone

This is my 2001 pajero pinin 2.0 4g94 gdi

I'm working on 3 years. But it is not finish yet.



Claude io
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Welcome to the forum....wild looking pinin ! I think that I have seen it on youtube.....

Tell us more about it, it must have a fair amount of work to fit these big tyres !

Happy io

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Very interesting build!!!

Would love to see more pictures and hear more about the build, wicked job!

2002 5dr Pajero IO QA 2.0L Auto - Lifted, Locked!! 1.925 Low Range - Muddies (205/80/16) - Redback Extractors to 200cell cat to dump at diff Exhaust 

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Welcome to the forum. Guess

Welcome to the forum.

Guess we're not going to get an update.   It would've been really nice though.

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front suspension

WOW - that lower wishbone and front setup is wild!!! looks all custom too!




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