G'Day from D'Bay.

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Hey.  been lurkin a while trying to get my w77 2.0 manual 4 dr wagon a bit better cleaned up..

Not much of a talker till you get me goin.

Have alot of mechanical back ground but am fairly broken now and slowed up which medical stuff, pretty mean rehumatoid arthritis, im still strong but a bit like the tin man without oil...

Have enoyed the forum for a while and got value from info and ideas...time to give back a bit.

My io is pretty stock but i like it that way...it usually runs nice as a round town car but i have ambitions of takin my little ones camping and fishing etc so the beach will be getting a bit of a go.

I have done most of the normal maintenence stuff, timing belt, water pump, resealed the oil pump...all fluids, coils, leads, alt.  working on figuring out the evoscan thing on open ecu...slow learning here.

I'm a bit of a machinist/fabricator and have an lathe and mill im restoring for some proects i want to attempt...in time.  Have a fair bit of electronic and instrument experience...a little rf and radio too...i can figure out most if i get the maual but some times dont know when to quit.

anyway thats about enough from me for now.


see you around.




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Hi Mate I am just 20 minutes down the Bruce highway at Bracken Ridge! Happy to lend a hand if you start modifications and IO related upgrades! If you've seen a loud white 4dr IO cruising around you way I used to live in D'bay for nearly 2 years back 2014-2015. Welcome to the forum your experience and input will be well received. 

2002 5dr Pajero IO QA 2.0L Auto - Lifted, Locked!! 1.925 Low Range - Muddies (205/80/16) - Redback Extractors to 200cell cat to dump at diff Exhaust 


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