gdi engine on lpg!?

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Hello does anybody try to put lpg gas on 1.8 gdi mitsubishi pajero pinin?

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I put LPG one week ago but i

I put LPG one week ago but i have the 1.8 MPI 5 door

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Use Google

I believe what you will find will essentially say that LPG on a GDI engine will destroy the injectors because of their location in the combustion chamber - now if you're going to completely get rid of the GDI system - remove the injectors and plug the holes, it might be possible, but then you're going to have to outsmart the ECU when it's not seeing data from the high pressure fuel pump or maybe replace it with an ignition only system.

The long & the short of it is - I'm told it can't be done.

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HI i must say that about

HI i must say that about that's possibile but nobody not do that cause of price. Injectors are the same but only we switch from LPG to Gasoline.. but the problem is overheating of Injectors where they are normally colled by gasoline ( collant ) - if you switch this to LPG they start overheating... This dedicated GDI LPG system is based on mix.. where 20% = normall petrol 80% = LPG.. 

if you asking me "Hello does anybody try to put lpg gas on 1.8 gdi mitsubishi pajero pinin?"

i must answer : NO ;) - we know about it's possibile but very rare and expensive = could be problematic


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Best and cheaper way to use

Best and cheaper way to use both gasoline and LPG is to buy a 1.8 MPI Pinin IO and install a LPG system. The expensive and hard way is to do an engine swap from 4G9X GDI to XXXX MPI with turbo or without, and install LPG system. Excuse my bad english.


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