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I have a 2000 model pajero io that i use in Botswana.  Since having it I've had an odd fault - shen i fill with petrol the car doesn't want to accelerate. Engine ligth flicks on if i try to go more than 60km hr. After a day the problem would clear and all would be well for a few months.  Well, this happened again two months ago but was much worse and finally the car won't move at all. It can turn on and idle fine but cuts out after a few minutes.  Ive changed spark plugs, had fuel lines checked, changed fuel pump, and had a diagnostic test done that came back fine.  A few people said it could be the gdi pump.  Before i go ahead and buy one i wanted to find out if anyone has had a similar problem and what they did or if anyone can suggest something else.  The gdi pumps cost a fortune so i don't want to waste money.  I live in a rural town and there are no pajero experts around and desperat4need my car running again .  

I also wanted to ask if anyone can recommend best spark plugs for this car and maybe a fuel filter?  I'm in england for a few weeks and want to buy what i can here before i go home.  Engine no  4G94LX7471 if that helps thanks in advance for any advise.  I inow nothing about cars but starting to learn fast!



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