IO 1.8 GDI 2000 Idle speed

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Hi Everyone,

I`m new to this so please forgive me if I`ve used the wrong section.

Just bought a 2000 Pinin 1.8 GDI 78000 mile on clock. Initially it was running a really slow idle, did a bit of research and the carbonisation of the throttle body was a general conclusion. I dismantled air in take and used a throttle body cleaner spray .... great it ran alot better... Now though its idling at 1500 rpm....Do i go again with cleaner and this time get a toothbrush around the butterfly valve or something else.

Also I got no manuals with the car does the front fogs work off a switch that also operates the rear fogs, on mine i can`t find a front fog light switch. They work if i take them out and test them but cant trace wiring once it joins the loom.


Sorry again if its in wrong place but advice is needed.

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Check the resource section of the forum.

There's a downloadable soft copy manual in the resource section of the forum, and based on the diagrams in that manual there appear to be separate switches for the front & rear fog lights

One thing you need to be aware of is that the fog lights are not controlled directly by the switch, most of the lights on these vehicles are controlled by the ETACS ECU.


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