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Hi to all ,greetings frm NZ ..purchased my 2000 io 1.8 ltr gdi turbo (japanese import)couple weeks ago..was tidy and straight and i was looking for a project to work on.googled pajeroio and it led me here..hav read through some of the threads and found some really useful info decided to join the forum..on another note I just missed out on buying dons nzio last week,as he had sold it before I could get to wellington.
so at this stage I am looking at redoing the rear shocks and springs / frontvstruts and springs
have read thru the strut thread /kyb kingspring and a few build threads..
Could someone please confirm these kingspring
part numbers as I have read on three different threads
conflicting info regarding the rear springs??

Front : KMFS 900SP
rear: KFFS 90 (KFFS 90SP ) (KMFS 90)

Any comments would be appreciated as I am looking at ordering them in the next few days,,

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KFFS90 is the raised rear

KFFS90 is the raised rear spring.

There's an ebay australia vendor selling a kit with the correct King springs, matching struts & shocks - it mightbe worth a look.


This is the link to the springs/struts/shocks...

and you'll probably need bumpstops & boots

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Thanks fordem ,,wil do


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