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Finally, here is my Montero io !!
First I want to say thanks to this wonderful forum, and especially thanks to Claude io, Fordem, simmo777 and keith65.
After the bad experience with the ironman springs, I decided for this configuration:
Kyb shock absorbers 334405 + kingspring springs KMFS-900SP + 19mm height spacer.
Shock absorbers Gabriel 81318+ springs kyb RD1430
Tires 225/70/16 BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 (no friction in chassis)
I have 4 days rolling on the tracks in my area and I am very happy with my pinin.
On the road it is more firm than the factory, but less hard than with the ironman.
It is just perfect.
Here all roads are stone and gravel. All is well, now I am looking for a suitable pressure for my tires.
Here some photos:
                                                                        Lago Urdiceto (2400m)
Lago Urdiceto (2400m)

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Great job!

Your IO is coming along nicely, great photos.

The area you live in seems very beautiful, keen to see more photos and videos!

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Awesome photos mate, your iO

Awesome photos mate, your iO looks sweet as! Thanks for sharing.

Claude io
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new lift

Always a pleasure to hear that someone is happy after following some advices :) Thanks for the feedback yes

While I haven't sold many, my spacers are in several country now !  funny ! but great :)

And yes it does look great, great area too....

For tyre pressure, try 28 to 32 psi (1.9 to 2.2 bar ?) on road, try 18 to 20 psi (1.3 bar ?) for dirt road, around 15 psi (1 bar ?) for sand maybe a bit less but with care. These number should be a good start. These BFG A/T are a great tyre and will last for a long time.

If you could, let us know where you got the suspension, spring and strut, as we had a few other member from Europe that couldn't find them. 


Happy io

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Where to find these pieces
Where to find these pieces from Europe is a very fun part.
This is my experience:
The kingspring only find them in Australia, is the most expensive since you have to add costs and fees (for example at
For spacers you should only contact Claude io.
These KYB front shocks I found in UK (
The gabriel I got them very very cheap in USA, free of charge for its low price.
The easiest thing was the rear springs, easy to find and very cheap in Europe (for example in Autodoc, they shipped from Germany)
If you want you can call it Pinin Frankenstein or Pinin multicultural hahaha

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