Missing posts? Site Restoration. SORRY!

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I had some time up my sleeve tonight so i decided to get started on some MUCH needed site maintenance. unfortunately i ended up deleting 75 posts on the "Raised rear springs" thread, So i decided to restore a 13 hour old backup. 

This means a few posts and one new member from today have gone (some posts from me too) and hopefully can be reposted, But better than loosing 75 posts is the most active thread on the site?!

Sorry guys!

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No worries

No worries :)


Claude io
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I think that I can say on behalf of all of us that we are so happy, and lucky, to have you that you could easily get away with a lot worst than that:)yes

Don't worry, be happy io:)

Happy new year.

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No worries!

What Claude said!

I'm just grateful for having this little community to talk to and share info, especially given how little local knowledge there is about these cars.


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