Moreton National Park

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I did a bit of an unplanned 4wd trip a few days ago, didn't take as many pics as I would have liked, I was having too much fun!

I drove down the princes hwy to Cunjarong point near Lake Conjola on the NSW south coast, to visit a friend. On the way back I plotted a course to leave the highway near Milton and re-join the highway at nowra, turning an hour of highway driving into about 4 hours of 4wding :)

We headed up pointer gap road and checked out the lookout which was awesome. After this I was hoping to follow Tianjara road north, but upon reaching the start of the 4WD only track, the track was closed due to recent rain washing away sections :(    Must remember to check track conditions websites before the next trip!

We made our way back down the mountain and turned north along Galgaroo road (a forrestry track), through a small creek crossing, and then continued along Rocky Ridge rd and then onto Whalebone rd where there was a slightly larger creek crossing and some fun muddy hills - no problem with my new mud tyres on. We had actually seen some dirt bikers and asked them about the trail ahead before this, and they looked at the car and said to turn off before the creek crossing. When I got to the creek I couldn't believe how small it was! The iO has been through much bigger!

Whalebone road pops out right between Granite Falls and George Boyd Lookout. Both well worth a look. The dirt road up to the lookout really becomes rough for non-4wds, though its only after the lookout that 12 Mile track becomes 4WD only. This track provided some real fun with a few sloppy bog holes (scary when not in convoy!), some steeper, rougher sections with some slick clay, and some logs almost cutting off the track in parts. I had a couple of friends in the car and they were amazed at how easily the iO got through :)

12 mile pops out onto Turpentine road (Braidwood road) through a gate, which thankfully was open! There was no gate or indication at the start of the track, so I'm very glad I didn't have to turn back. Tianjara Falls is a few hundred metres down the road, so we checked that out, and then headed back along Turpentine road towards Nowra. There are some good trails through the bush from here, including Monkey Gum, but after watching a recent 4WD Action DVD of this, I decided not to try it alone (even though it was much drier when we were there). Deans Gap road is more of a dirt road than a track, so we headed north along here. There are some good power line tracks which run along here, but we were running out of time so stuck to the road. Turning left onto Yalwal road brought us to the Old Burrier Fire Trail. This is a fairly easy track with a few steep sections. Off this is Mackenzies Lookout along a small side track. Absolutely beautiful spot. From here we continued along until we hit the bitumen of Burrier road, which leads back into Nowra.

A fun trip with just the right level of off roading for a solo adventure. Hopefully I can organise for some sydney based members to come and explore some of the many other trails in the near future :)

View of Lake Conjola and Green Island from Pointer Gap Lookout.

Galgaroo road was narrow, but easy, and very beautiful.

Conjola Creek crossing.

Granite Falls via Tin Mine road

Driving along a ridge on 12 mile track

Loving it!

Tianjara Falls

Mackenzie's Lookout

The iO conquered everything without hesitation :)

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That close to my backyard! and I never been there. I have been concentrating too much on fishing!  Looks to have some great views, I will give it a try. Of course the io conquered


Thanks, if you come around again, don't hesitate to call...I might be able to give you accommodation as don't look like a serial killer:)

Happy io.

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Looks great.yes

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ktm300 wrote:

Looks great.yes

X2 on that!

Im itchen to go for a trip again, have to live vicariously through you guys for now!


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