Pajero IO 2000 1.8L 4g93 won't start, crankshaft sensor?

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Hi guys,

I bought Pajero IO about a month ago. It was working alright, but sometimes it had Check Engine sign on.

One day I made a 50km trip to the shop and went back an hour later, it started okay. And I didn't feel any problems while driving back. Then I stopped near my office for 15 minutes. And never could start my car again. 


There is no spark, and the car doesn't seem to turn on the starter motor. 

I've read error codes; they are 11, 12 and 55 on N when I short pin 1 of the diagnostic plug with the ground.

I've done quite huge research online, and the thing I can think of is faulty crankshaft position sensor.

Could anyone please tell me if I'm on the right track?

Or what else may be the case? I've checked fuses, and fuel pump, they are good.




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Let's clarify exactly what we're dealing with ...

First - which engine do you have - the 4G93 SOHC MPI or 4G93 DOHC GDI?  What transmission - manual or automatic?

Second - you say "the car doesn't seem to turn on the starter motor" - what exactly does that mean?  If the engine won't turn when you turn the key to start, then that will be the first thing you need to look at - that should be a relatively simple fault to pin point - battery, starter, ignition switch, safety switch (if automatic transmission) and associated cables.

Third - how did you get to crankshaft position sensor?  Maybe we're looking at different manuals, but mine shows a code 22 for a crankshaft position sensor circuit problem.


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