Pajero IO Rough and poor running

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Hello all,

In this post is a youtube link showing you the actual symptoms of the problem. When the car was bought second-hand, and when cold, the engine would hesitate a second when the accelerator was pressed. Thought I'd have to clean the airflow sensor one day. Then before I got the chance to do that, we went for a day trip. The engine started to just lose power. When the accelerator was pressed, it took a long time for the RPM to increase, and never went high enough to powerit up a gentle hill. Had to tow it home, almost. Since then I've installed a new MAS, new idle control valve, with no improvements. Have also tried running the engine with the exhaust manifold unmounted. No change.See the video here: https://

Any advice needed.

Many thanks.

Claude io
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Welcome to the forum,

You mentioned a red hot manifold after  min idling, this could well be because the timing is out, faulty timing sensor, timing belt or even the lead mixed up (although it would idle rough and back fire when accelerated)

Other first things that come to my mind is the fuel filter (or crapy fuel), spark plug and/or coil, blocked air filter (you probably checked that one), timing belt out, timing sensor.

Checking the engine compression, and read the ECU for fault, disconnect the battery for reset a possible fault.

Could be other but this is where I would start....

Happy io


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