Pajero Junior timing belt

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I have a 1997 Junior, with which I am mightily impressed and pleased. Owned it for close to 4 years and the only problem I has was a broken clutch cable. Had a generic one made up and it is working perfectly fine.

I have been servicing the vehicle myself, and most service parts are available in South Africa as aftermarket parts. I have a battle though to get a timing belt and I am always asked how many teeth it has.

Can anyone tell me how many teeth on the timing belt of a 1997 model?


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Pajero Junior

Hi, how did you manage to get a Junior in South Africa.

South Africa - 03 Pajero io 2L MPI, 225/70/16 Bridgestone Dueler A/T, 3mm Stainless Steel Bash Plate.

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Go to EPCDATA.RU and enter your chassis number - you should be able to find the OEM part number for the belt, and then google that - the site is in russian, but it's not hard to find what you need.

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The pajero junior has 121

The pajero junior has 121 teeth and 22mm wide up to year 98


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