Rear diff 3door manaual

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Hi, my name's Michael and I've recently bought an io 3 door manual. It has a noisey diff (bearings I think??) and was wanting to know if someone can tell me if the rear diff in a 3 door 1.8L is the same as in a 2L? And are the same diff's in an auto and manual? Looking at doing a complete swap. Doner car is 1.8l (not sure if auto or manual - no gearbox in car) my car is 2l manual. Can someone who is certain tell me if this will work. Thanks


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I believe majority of the 1.8L and 2.0L gear is interchangeable, the 1.6L however is not? (Could be wrong)

The SWB 3 dr IO rear diffs will be open not LSD like the 5 dr (at least MPI Australian Pajero IO's) 

I am running a manual rear differential from a doner 2.0L 5dr in my Auto 2.0L 5dr IO with no issues. 

2002 5dr Pajero IO QA 2.0L Auto - Lifted, Locked!! 1.925 Low Range - Muddies (205/80/16) - Redback Extractors to 200cell cat to dump at diff Exhaust 

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rear axle

is it an australian or european vehicle?

most australian ios have the same dif ratio and the 1.8 and 2.0L diffs are interchangable as far as I've seen.

1.6L SWB io's are however very different.

if it is diff bearings, you can source a gen 1 paj diff as they are identicle and get your's rebuilt



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