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Im preparing to do a major site upgrade, I have been putting this off for a while as it scares me a little :)

One of the main reasons im giving in and doing it is to enable the installation of tapatalk. 
It should also enable me to add a heap of the other features that have been on the to-do list....

Not sure exactly when ill do the update, Ill prepare for it all this week and aim to do the update on friday (20th of june) I hope its only offline for a few hours. But if something goes wrong it may be a few days angry


Are any of you guys experienced with Drupal? please let me know if you can help with this!

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Site upgrade

Have you done this upgrade ? ...evrything seems to be...still working :)

Happy io


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haha, ahh you know me, finger

haha, ahh you know me, finger in to many pies at the moment!

Im super keen to upgrade it, But also super scared ill screw the entire site up :)

Itll hapen soon!


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