Snorkel for 2000 model io

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Hey guys! I'm looking for a snorkel for my io and would like to steer in the right direction on purchasing one so any advice on which one to get would be much appreciated.

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If you use the forum search feature ...

you'll discover that the only known supplier of snorkels designed to fit the iO is OGZ in Brazil, and they are unable to export.  You'll also find a couple of other suggestions for snorkels designed for other vehicles that some folk suggest may work.

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Hello I can not find the

Hello I can not find the details as it was years ago, but the snorkel from Brazil was in the 800AUD + delivery :( 

At the time nothing was said about not being able to deliver to Oz....

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This is from Claude's build thread...
pajero io snorkel

Yes it is a proper io snorkel, it come from Brazil, from OGZ, and it is a present from them.

I contacted them to buy one. OGZ didn't have the authorisation to export their snorkel. They have done lots of paper work to get this authorisation from the Brazilian government...but no luck. Anyway, they got sick of it and gave up, yes I was very sad....then...instead of selling it to me, she gave it to me, I was happy again smiley

I had to organise the transport, pick up and all, this was a challenge as well, as it was a big box and while "Fedex" are very practical they are very very expensive (didn't used them), to add a bit of luck, a removalist conpanie came to have some contact at my work place so ...I put them to the test and they took care of it at the best price I could find.....

It took 11 month, more than 50 emails, lots of translation, paper work.... but yes I have a proper and nice snorkel....and I am very happy smiley

Happy Claude....:) and a big thank you to OGZ....

Happy io


You'll find the search button in the upper right corner of the page - use it - you'll find another thread with details, including pictures of a snorkel for another vehicle being fitted, you can then decide if it looks like a good enough fit that you're willing to follow that route.


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