Winch causing chassis twist?

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Anyone know if a 2500lb winch would mess with the chassis rails and cause them to twist and if so how can you stop this, places to mount it, pictures of or ideas for strengthening bars, anything will help because I need a winch and my dad's got concerns, anything will help


Thanks- Callum

Claude io
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I have had a winch fitted behind the bar of mine, some pictures on my built thread post 188

No matter what sort of winch it will need to be properly fitted, I don't think that once well fitted that you will have chassis problem but  the weight added may need to upgrade the suspension by new strut and kingspring (or other heavier spring) is advisable 

Happy io

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A 2500 lb winch is going to be undersized.

The general recommendation is 1.5 times the vehicle weight, you want at least a 6000 lb winch, and you'll need to mount it properly - you should not have any issues with the chassis twisting if it's properly fitted.

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chassis twist

the front of an io is OK - but it doesn't have any heavy stiftener between the rails.

I would look at welding in a heavy C or angle between the rails to act as the base for the winch and gusset back against the rails.

a 2500lb winch will be maxed out to get you free and will unlilkely have much power to twist - an 11000lb winch would likely pick your car off the ground.




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