Windows8 and IE10 bug

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I've noticed since installing the consumer preview version of Windows 8 (incl IE10) that I have a problem typing text into forum posts. The problem is hitting ENTER doesn't do anything and so I can't insert a line break in my post. Chrome on Win 8 does not have this problem so I guess it's specific to IE10, and maybe only on Win8. Not a big deal for me and probably something in IE10 that will be fixed before it is released, but just mentioning it in case others come across the same problem.

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Windows 8 bug

Same! just got to work on the site with my new laptop and wanders what the hell was wrong with the site, works fine in chrome so i assumed it was a windows 8 Bug, Glad you posted this to confirm that. Hope IE pull there finger out and fix this issue in windows 8 soon. tho 90+ % of users are on chrome and the majority of the rest are not using windows 8 yet, so hopefully it will not be a problem for to many. Ill be fully updating the site to Drupal 7 and a new responsive theme that should work well with mobile phones in a few weeks too


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