WTB Weather shields

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Hi after a set of weather shields
/Rain guard. From what I gather the tinted slim ones online are out of stock so I thought I'd see if anyone has a oem set they don't want. Thanks

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Weather shields

When these come back in stock / get in contact with the seller! :)

I have them and so does a few other IO's I know, great product!!




Looks like this! (mates IO)

2002 5dr Pajero IO QA 2.0L Auto - Lifted, Locked!! 1.925 Low Range - Muddies (205/80/16) - Redback Extractors to 200cell cat to dump at diff Exhaust 

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3 Door version

hey guys, does anyone know if this works on the 3 Door version?


Im having difficulty acquiring this from Heko due ot cost of postage



got my dad to measure the door's width and it is 965mm.  not sure if there's that much difference with the 5 door version.


if someone could please let me know I'd appreciate it :)


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Probably not ...

The doors on a 3 door vehicle are usually longer than those of the 5 door variant.

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thanks.. will keep hunting i guess

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Hello I bought the one on the

Hello I bought the one on the ebay link like a year+ ago, they do NOT fit SWB io, the front are far too long, BUT...

I did cut the, revet and perfect... no more sand, rain, mud...in the car :)


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